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Registration is now open for the 2024 / 2025 Season.  Registration is open to all those that are interested but completion of the registration process does not guarantee a spot will be available on a DMHA team.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER >>> Dresden Minor Hockey Registration (review the following info before proceeding)

Out of area players who are not currently playing with the D.M.H.A. are subject to approval from our Executive, please email 
[email protected] to start this approval process.
   No decision will be made prior to the end of the registration period.

DMHA Association is happy to have been able to maintain registration costs at the same level as that of the 2023 / 2024 season!
Rates for registration will be as follows:

Early Bird Registration (prior to May 8th)

U5  Pre-School (2020) $225
U7  Initiation Prgm (2018 /2019) 360
 U8  (2017) 795
U9  (2016) 795
U11  (2014 / 2015)  795
U13  (2012 / 2013)  795
U15  (2010/ 2011) 795
U18  (2007 - 2009)  795

Registration (after May 8th)

U5 Pre-School (2020) $225
U7 Initiation Prgm (2018 /2019) 360
U8 (2017) 895
U9 (2016) 895
U11 (2014 / 2015) 895
U13 (2012 / 2013) 895
U15 (2010/ 2011) 895
U18 (2007- 2009) 895

DMHA accepts registration payment using convenient E-transfer or cheque method.  Specify payment preference as part of the registration process.

For your conveniences DMHA has 2 available payments plans.

Lump Sum Payment - Full Payment by August 15th by E-transfer or cheque

Payment Plan - Equal Payments on June 15th, July 15th and August 15th (3 Post dated cheques or E-transfers on by due date)

e-transfers can be made to [email protected].  (use Hockey as the password).  Please ensure you provide the Hockey Canada ID# in the etransfer notes to allow for reconciliation. 

*****Please note registration must be paid in full before stepping on the ice*******


Website Consent Disclaimer

As the parent(s)/legal guardian of player on a D.M.H.A. team, I consent to the disclosure of personal information about my child as it pertains to their involvement with their hockey team. My consent applies to information that may be published or posted on the D.M.H.A. website at, newspapers, newsletters and other published material by the Dresden Minor Hockey Association.

I am aware that by giving my voluntary consent, I am permitting the above-mentioned personal information about my child to be published. I understand that the various means in which it can be published can be viewed by anyone who accesses the DMHA website or publications. I understand that I have the right to withhold or revoke my consent by contacting the Registrar at [email protected] and in doing so these postings and publications of my child(ren) would not occur. 
If you agree to follow the Codes of Conduct as listed in the O.M.H.A. & D.M.H.A. Bylaws and the WEBSITE CONSENT DISCLAIMER